Game Controllers 


CH Products Controllers

  • Enabling CM map at bootup  -- How to enable the last Control Manager map loaded at computer bootup.
  • Replacing the handles  -- Documentation showing how to replace your right-handed handles on the CH FighterStick and Pro Throttle with lefty handles.
    Note:  This document is organized so as to produce a 4x5 booklet.  You should select short-side double sided landscape option on your printer before printing.
  • Hat Repair -- Here's how to repair bad hats on your CombatStick or FighterStick


  • Logitech Driver -- 32 bit driver (Win XP) for the Wingman Force 3D (used in the FrankenForce) and Dual Action Gamepad
  • Logitech Driver -- 64 bit driver (Win Vista 64 and Win 7 x64) for the Wingman Force 3D (used in the FrankenForce) and Dual Action Gamepad
  • CH Products Control Manager -- CM v4.20 32 bit driver for all CH Products controllers
  • CH Control Manager Tutorial  -- The very excellent "Control Manager For Dummies" written by Ken King

Game Command Forms

System Tweeks



Aces High

Pilot Essentials

  • Field Maps -- Screenshots of every type of field in the game fully annotated and rendered for both printable versions and clipboard use
  • Quick Reference Guide -- Summary of all the key commands all on one handy page
  • Level Bombing Checklist -- Handy checklist for all phases of level bombing in the heavies
  • Level Bombing Speeds --Level Bombing Minimum Ingress Speeds (Vmc) Chart
  • Dive Bombing Guide -- Bombing the Hay Street Boys way
  • CH map profile -- My Aces High profile for the CH FighterStick, ProThrottle, and Pro Pedals with and without TrackIR support
  • TrackIR profile -- My customized profile for TrackIR
  • CH game command form -- My command mapping of the CH FighterStick, Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals, Throttle Quadrant with TrackIR 4
  • DualAction game command form -- My command mapping of the Logitech DualAction Game Pad used for ground vehicles
  • Analog Trim  -- How to effectively configure analog trim in Aces High


Other Stuff


Lock On  Flaming Cliffs

Pilot Essentials


Over Flanders Fields - Between Heaven and Hell


Microsoft Flight Simulator X 

Pilot Essentials


Watch me break the Hoover Dam Pro record:




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