Dive Bombing the Hay Street Boys way!

The fundamental principle behind this bombing technique is to take down a hangar (fighter or vehicle) in a single pass. In order to do that, you must put all your rockets and both bombs on target to get it to go down. This is vital as having to go back for a second pass gets us killed. We don't like that much! Thus, our motto:

One pass, haul ass!

I Skpg (or TEShaw) will announce that we are forming up for a bombing run:
P51D, heavy heavy at A12, southwest runway
Go to the Hangar and select a P51D Mustang.
1. Select the official HSB skin (357FG/363FS by Warhound).
2. Select "Attack" mode
3. Select rockets
4. Select 1000 lb bombs
5. Select 75% fuel

II Take your heavy Mustang out to the designated runway. The flight leader will then call out the following checklist:
1, Trim -- Center all trims (elevator, rudder, and aileron)
2. Ordinance -- Check that you have both B100s (two of them) and rockets (6 of them)
3. Fuel -- 75% fuel load will show up as about 1/8 tank in the AUX tank and about 190 gallons calculated by the E6B.
4. Flaps -- Usually two notches.

III As you enter the enemy RADAR circle, you will begin your ingress to target. You will be decending to 12,000 feet AGL. Be careful not to use MSL. If the airfield has an elevation of 4,000 feet, then your altimeter will read 16,000 when you reach the proper altitude. Your flight leader will issue these commands:
1. Entering the RADAR circle
2. Decend to 12,000 feet AGL
3. Rockets armed (use the Backspace key to select your rockets)

If you use TrackIR, turn if off at this point as view angles are critical and you will not be able to properly judge the angles of your view if TIR is turned on.

IV Your flight leader will remind you to set your salvo to 2. This means you will fire two rockets at a time as well as two bombs. The command to do this is the radio command .salvo 2 Your attack sequence checklist consists of these two steps:
1. Set salvo to 2.
2. Zoom your view so that just the top row of instruments is showing.

V With your view zoomed in, hold your view in the 45 degree position and watch for your target to pass through the intersection of the wing and canopy. Be careful not to change your altitude. You will probably want to dip your wing slightly to be able to see your target. As the target slips into position, throttle back to idle and roll into the target.

VI Keep the piper right on your target as you continue down toward the target.

VII When the target fills up your piper, drop all your weapons using this sequence:
Fire Fire Fire Backspace, Backspace Fire
You will need to practice the cadence of this sequence as too fast and not everything will drop. Too slow and you'll plow into the target.

VIII As soon as your bombs drop, pull level and go full throttle. You should have previously chosen an egress direction. This is the time to head in that direction and extend away from the target area.
As you clear the area, be sure to select guns as your secondary weapon.