Over Flanders Fields Aircraft

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OFF Data Tables

The following charts and tables were built from performing in-game flight testing of the OFF aircraft. All comments and statistics found on this web site are based on this data.


DH2:De Havilland D.H.2,   DH2-1916:De Havilland D.H.2 (1916),   AD2:Albatros D.II,   AD3-160:Albatros D.III (160),   AD3:Albatros D.III,   AD3OAW:Albatros D.III (OAW),   AD5E:Albatros D.V (Early),   AD5:Albatros D.V,   AD5a:Albatros DVa,   AD5a200:Albatros DVa (200),   F2b:Bristol F2b,   BS:Bristol Scout D.3,   DFW:Deutsche Flugzeug Werke C.V,   DR1:Fokker Dr.I,   D7:Fokker D.VII,   D7OAW:Fokker D.VII (OAW),   D7F:Fokker D.VII.F,   E3:Fokker E.III,   HAL:Halberstadt D.II,   HAN:Hannover C.III,   N11:Nieuport 11,   N16:Nieuport 16,   N17:Nieuport 17,   N17L:Nieuport 17 Lewis,   PD3:Pfalz D.IIIa,   BE2:RAF B.E.2c,   FE2:RAF F.E.2b,   RE8:RAF R.E.8,   SE5:RAF S.E.5a,   SE5V:RAF SE5a Viper,   ROL:Roland C.II,   CAM:Sopwith Camel,   PUP:Sopwith Pup,   1A2:Sopwith Strutter 1.A2,   1B1:Sopwith Strutter 1.B1,   TRP:Sopwith Triplane,   TRP2:Sopwith Triplane (2 gun),   SP7:Spad V.II,   SP13:Spad X.III

About the Aircraft in OFF

In-Game Evaluation

All aircraft data other that what is shown in the screenshots of each aircraft is gathered in-game by flying each aircraft repeatedly and measuring results. The following settings are used for all tests:

The tests performed consist of the following:

The Armament of WW1 Aircraft

All aircraft mounted machine guns in WW1 were either 0.303 in. or the metric equivalent 7.92 mm. Prior to the development of the gun synchroniser in 1915, the Lewis Mks (Allied) and Parabellum MG14 (German) machine guns were the primary guns used on aircraft. These machine guns utilized deflector plates mounted to the propeller to protect it from bullet damage. OFF does not have any aircraft of this type in the plane set.

The Spandau LMG 08 (German) was the first synchronized machine gun developed. It was first used on the Fokker E.III. The Parabellum machine gun was thus relegated to rear gun status. Following suit, the British soon developed the Vickers Synchronized Machine Gun. All the aircraft in OFF that have guns that fire through the prop are either Vickers or Spandau depending on nationality. The only very strange exception to this is the RAF B.E.2c which has a single Lewis mounted on the fuselage and clearly fires through the prop yet there is no deflector plate! The B.E.2c has a four blade prop too making this arrangement even stranger.

Forward Mounted

Outside the Arc of the Prop Forward Mounted

Rear Guns (Rear Gunner)

Rear Gun Aircraft in OFF

The planes in OFF with a rear gunner include:

Forward Mounted Guns in OFF

In the OFF plane set, all German forward mounted guns are the synchronized Spandau variety either in a single or twin configuration. A number of Allied Vickers guns are mounted in a twin configuration as well.

Allied forward mounted guns are one of three configurations:

None of the German planes in OFF use the "outside the arc" method.


Bombing during WWI was mostly done by hand by simply tossing a bomb over the side or dropping it in a funnel-like chute. There were a few "heavy bombers" used in the war but OFF does not model any of these. The planes in OFF that are capable of carrying bombs or other ordinance (e.g. rockets and flares) are:
1A2, 1B1, BE2, CAM, DFW, F2b, FE2, HAN, RE8, SE5 and SE5V.

The Best and The Worst

Individual evaluation of each aircraft can be viewed by clicking one of the above thumbnails.

The Best

Fastest Planes

  1. SP13 (147mph)
  2. SE5V (136mph)
  3. SP7 (132mph)

Best Altitude

  1. HAN (86mph @ 24,500 ft)
  2. SP13 (146mph @ 21,800 ft)
  3. D7F (124mph), D7 (115mph), D7OAW (114mph), DFW (101mph) @ 21,000 ft

Best Engine Performance (Higest and Fastest)

  1. SP13 (146mph @ 21,600 ft)
  2. SE5V (132mph @ 19,000 ft)
  3. SP7 (131mph @ 17,000 ft)

Strongest Firepower

  1. AD5a, AD5a200 (Twin Spandaus. 550 rounds each, total 1,100 rounds)
  2. AD2, AD3-160, AD3, AD3OAW, AD5E, AD5, DR1, D7, D7OAW, D7F, PD3, TRP2, CAM (Twin machine guns, 500 rounds each, total 1,000 rounds)
  3. SP13 (Twin Vickers. 400 rounds each, total 800 rounds)

Best All-around Cockpit View

  1. AD3, AD3-160, AD3OAW, AD5, AD5a, AD5a200, AD5E, E3, N17, N17L, PD3, SE5V
  2. AD2, SE5
  3. D7, D7OAW, D7F

Best Cockpit Forward View

  1. DH2, DH2-1916, FE2
  2. AD2, AD3, AD30160, AD3OAW, AD5E, AD5, AD5a, AD5a200, E3, N17, N17L, PD3, SE5, SE5V
  3. F2b, D7, D7OAW, D7F, HAN, ROL

Best Cockpit Rear View

  1. AD3, AD3-160, AD3OAW, AD5, AD5a, AD5a200, BE2, BS, DR1, D7, D7OAW, D7F, E3, HAL, N11, N17, N17L, PD3, SE5V, CAM, PUP, TRP, TRP2, SP13
  2. AD2, SE5, SP7
  3. AD5E, N16, 1B1

The Worst

Slowest Planes

  1. E3 (85mph)
  2. BE2 (85mph)
  3. HAL (87mph)

Worst Altitude

  1. BE2 (91mph @ 10,000 ft)
  2. DH2 (89mph @ 11,000 ft), FE2 (91mph @ 11,000 ft)
  3. E3 (84mph @ 11,500 ft)

Worst Engine Performance (Lowest and Slowest)

  1. E3 (84mph @ 11,500 ft)
  2. BE2 (91mph @ 10,000 ft)
  3. FE2 (91mph @ 11,000 ft)

Weakest Firepower

  1. N11, N16 (194 rounds)
  2. N17L (291 rounds)
  3. 1A2 (300 rounds)

Worst All-around Cockpit View

  1. DFW
  2. 1A2
  3. 1B1

Worst Cockpit Forward View

  1. DFW, CAM, PUP, 1A2, 1B1, TRP, TRP2
  2. BS, DR1, HAL, N11, N16, RE8, SP7, SP13, BE2
  3. F2b, D7, D7OAW, D7F, HAN, ROL

Worst Cockpit Rear View

  1. DH2, DH2-1916, F2b, DFW, HAN, RE8, 1A2
  2. FE2, ROL
  3. AD5E, N16, 1B1