Checklist for level bombing

I Takeoff and climbout

1. 25% fuel (seems to be plenty even for very long missions)
2. Elevator trim neutral, Rudder trim slightly right
3. Start engines
4. 2 notches flaps
5. Rotate and gear up
6. Hold runway heading climbing at 500fpm and wait for formation to form up
7. Raise flaps
8. Auto climb (speed -- red) [ALT X]
9. Go to ball turret (B17) / nose gunner (Lanc) position [2] and use rudder to make major heading corrections. Use rudder trim (button) [J][L] from cockpit to make minor heading corrections.
10. Climb out to 20-25k. This takes 20-35 minutes and requires 50-75 miles.

II Cruise

1. Go autolevel (yellow) [X]
2. Full power
3. Bring up map [ESC] and zoom as tight as possible. Use rudder trim to adjust heading to target.

III Ingress

When 25-35 miles from target
1. Bring up E6B
2. Throttle to idle
3. Open bomb bay doors [O]
4. When ground speed reaches 185, throttle up to 30" MP (B17) or +3 (Lanc)
5. Watch ground speed and make fine adjustments to throttle to obtain 175-185 mph
6. Let ground speed settle out

IV Calibration

1. Set salvo to desired value (e.g. ".salvo 14" to drop all bombs in Lanc)
2. Set delay to desired spread (".delay .5" works good for town, ".4" for field pad)
3. Go to bombadiers station [F6]
4. Make sure ground speed (on E6B) and altitude are constant.
5. Enter calibration mode [U]. Red text will change to yellow.
6. Press and hold "mark point" key [Y] for at least 15 seconds.
7. Turn off calibration mode [U]. Text will change to green.
As long as speed and altitude are maintained, no further calibration is necessary. You can however, calibrate as many times as you want. Making heading corrections with rudder trim will not affect calibration significantly. Gentle rudder navigation from gunner position will not affect calibration so long as you don't bank too much.

V Bombing Run

1. As you get close to the target, use map to line up. Zoom in as much as possible. [INSERT]
2. Move to ball turret (B17) / nose gunner (Lanc). [2] Line gun up carefully with nose of aircraft. Zoom in max [Z][[] and search for target. Make very gentle rudder control to line up on target.
3. When target comes into view in gunner position, move to bombadiers station [F6]. Zoom all the way out []]and watch for target to appear at top of scope. Use rudder trim to line up on the target.
4. When crosshairs pass over target, press secondary weapon button .

VI Egress

1. Close bombay doors [O]
2. Power to max
3. Go to ball turret (B17) / nose gunner (Lanc) [2]
4. Steer with rudder to extend and turn toward landing field
5. Decent: Power to idle. Adjust elevator trim for -3fpm. Auto climb angle (green)