Essential Mods


Convert your FighterStick into the finest force feedback stick ever!


CH Products Pro Throttle Afterburner/WEP Detent Mod

Add a detent to your Pro Throttle.


CH Products Pro Throttle Mini-stick Button Mod

Make your mini-stick button easier to press.

Dual-Stage Trigger Mod

Add a dual-stage trigger to your CH FighterStick just like the real thing.

Converting GamePort Pedals to USB

Bring that old gameport set of pedals into the modern world.


Add rotary wheels to your Pro Throttle without modifying your throttle.


Cut the FighterStick down to size for those with smaller hands.

8-Way Hat Mod

Convert the 4-way Castle Hat of the FigherStick into an 8-way.

The Franken Potato

Add rotaries and switches to your Pro Throttle.
Note: This is not one of my mods. This is the very fine work of Ken "531_Ghost" King. I just wanted to include it here because it is one of the best mods you can do for your Pro Throttle.

Convert Saitek X45 Throttle to Direct USB Connection

Convert your X45 Throttle to USB so you no longer need the X45 Stick. Jim "NHawk" Dudek shows how to use the BU0836 controller to liberate your X45 Throttle.

The ultimate "one armed" version of the FighterStick

Follow the astounding adventures of Brando (the one-armed-bandit) and his design of the Franken-Tripehound!