Molding the Main Body

The main housing of the PiggyBackTrim is made out of epoxy putty.  In order to make it fit perfectly to the rear portion of the Pro Throttle, we will use the actual PT as a template.  To keep from damaging the surface of the PT and to prevent damage to the part during removal, we need to grease the surface of the throttle real good.   

Next, mix up about half a tube of epoxy putty. 

Mash the putty into position...

...and position it as shown.
Let the putty dry for about an hour and gently peel the part off.  Be careful not to bend the part too much as it will still be slightly pliable until it cures.  Wait about 12 hours before continuing from this point.

In the next chapter, we will postion and cut the slots for the wheel pots