Construction of the PiggyBackTrim



Materials Required

In addition to the normal modding materials, this project requires three thumb-wheel pots and a three-axis USB joystick (a stick with a throttle or a stick with a twisty rudder).  For these, I used:

  • a Saitek Cyborg Graphite stick which includes a throttle providing the three axes:  X, Y, Z
  • Three 500k ohm Thumbwheel Pots (part number GN500TW-0EL)  from which cost me $3.95 each.
The project also requires epoxy putty (I use 3M QuikPlastik), some Velcro, and a nylon strap of some sort. 

Basic Components

The PiggyBackTrim consists of four basic components:
  1. The wheel pot housing which provides a mounting for the three wheel pots.
  2. Circuit-board box which mounts to the bottom of the wheel pot housing and holds the joystick circuit board.
  3. Wheel pot cover which is a small piece of plastic with slots cut in it that mounts over the thumb wheels.
  4. Circuit-board cover which provides access to the circuit board and wiring for access.

In the next chapter, I will show you the how to prepare for building the PiggyBackTrim