Scavenging Parts

The three pots we just removed from the FighterStick will be used for the available axes we'll install in the base of the FX stick.
We're going to need a power supply jack.  We can use the one from the Logitech board. 
Use a desoldering tool to remove it from the circuit board.
Next, since none of the pots from the FighterStick are used, cut the wire connectors off the wires that connected to these pots and lay them aside for making the wiring harnesses need by the FrankenForce.
Remove the trigger switch from the FighterStick
Locate a 1/4 watt diode and 10K ohm resistor.
Finally, desolder the FF motor connectors from the FX circuit boards you removed from the FX stick.  These will be used to make the FF Motor wiring harnesses.

Now that we have all our parts, let's build the wiring harnesses,