Options on Using the Extension Port of the FrankenForce

There are a number of options for using the Extension Port which drives two pots (FighterStick X and Y axes).

Installing Pots in Your Pro Throttle

The simplest option of course, is to do nothing whatsoever with the Extension Port.  Just leave it disconnected.  All that means is when you calibrate the FighterStick, you won't be able to move the X and Y axes.  No big deal.  You can still use the Z-axis knob just fine.  "Nothing" is actually a very reasonable option.
One nice option is to install pots in your Pro Throttle similar to the Franken-Potato.  To accomplish this, you would use the other half of the RJ-45 jack and install it somewhere on the PT and wire the two pots to it.  A standard straight-wired network cable would connect the PT to the FrankenForce in order to extend the FighterStick's X and Y axes to these pots.


Another option is to build a simplified PiggyBackTrim.  It is simplified because there is no need for a joystick circuit board and there are only two wheel pots.
At a minimum, you could just install a couple of pots in some sort of box and wire a network cable to it that would plug into the Extension Port.
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