Preparing to Build the PiggyBackTrim

Before you can get started building the PiggyBackTrim, you will need to remove the circuit board from the joystick.  In the case of the Saitek Cyborg, there are four screws on the bottom that must be removed as well as four allen-type screws on the top of the base that must be removed.

I always make a habit of drawing a diagram of the circuit board showing what each of the wires do and where the connect to the CB.

Once you have a working diagram, you can confidently remove all the wires from the CB as trying to work with them connected will complicate the project.  Also, you will only be re-attaching the USB cable using the original wiring anyway so it's a good idea to get all the other wires out of the picture.

Finally, because the body of the PiggyBackTrim is made of epoxy putty, you will need to use the wheel pots to mold the putty for making the slots for the pots.  Because I didn't want to expose my pots to the sticky putty, I turned some dummy wheel pots on my lathe out of wood to use in the molding process.  I decided to make these dummies slightly larger to provide good clearance for the real pots that I would be installing.

In the next chapter, we will take some measurements and layout the spacing for the wheel pots